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Magic Words for Call Centers

9 Jun

As I was talking to Verizon Wireless today, getting slightly frustrated because, of course, they had committed an error which they recognized but could not fix [the least comforting/half-assed attempt at comfort is the statement:  “Yes, I’m totally on your side, I’m sorry and I understand your situation, but according to my supervisor there is nothing we can do.  It’s policy”…right], I discovered perhaps some magic words that can melt any call center robot’s heart.  Use this when asking for the supervisor does not help.  Maybe the whole paragraph doesn’t apply to you, but this is what I said and magically things got done.

“I’ve just had a really bad day.  Another company mistakenly credit-reported me over 2 cents and they’re fixing it now but it’ll take a month.  I know policy makes things difficult for you, but these experiences are making me wonder and hope if there’s any human understanding.”

Bam.  The call center employee was able to waive a $75 termination fee and issue back credit for two months.

Also speaking of magic, I’m discovering right now, as my neighbor’s cat is crawling all over me and shedding fur onto my scarf, that the magic way to make a cat purr is to sing to it.  Tip, if you don’t have a good voice, as I don’t, put headphones on and sing–the cat won’t know the difference and neither will you.


Btw, if Verizon tells you that you can suspend your service for 6 months…beware!  This doesn’t mean 6 contiguous months, but actually 90 days at a time, and 6 months in total.   Also Verizon recently changed their cancellation policies so that any termination for any kind of reason (including changing residence) will result in an early termination fee.