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A note and a warning

9 Oct

I was deeply divided about starting a blog about my experiences in Samoa and my time at a microfinance institution there. First, there are many excellent Peace Corps blogs about Samoa, which I’d highly recommend. Secondly, as I’m cynical and a whiner, I am terribly afraid that I’d only bitch and say negative things. But in the end, I am blogging, because I have great hopes for this blog. (And this is easier than individually responding to all the email requests for updates. No, I kid. Please Pleease don’t stop emailing me. And if you aren’t, start. You don’t know how I much crave for snippets of familiarity, especially after operating the whole day in a foreign language. I may not always have time to reply back, but I do read).

I hope that this blog shares interesting facts and knowledge about Samoa, a place that some people think is in Africa. (For the record, go to Google Maps. Type in Samoa. Keep hitting the zoom out button—don’t give up. It’s the speck next to New Zealand.) I hope that it offers an honest, more complete perspective on microfinance. Most importantly, I hope that this blog facilitates discussion. I exited the banking sector a few months ago to explore the vague but promising world of international development. It is as complicated and puzzling as reputed. There is no single answer, no single silver bullet to eradicate poverty. There are many things wrong and right within microfinance. (Alas, it’s my cynicism that automatically placed the “wrong” before the “right.”) I’m still formulating my opinions, trying to wrap my head about this exciting, frustrating idea of “putting poverty in a museum”, and I apologize in advance if my speculations and conjectures are just that. Please correct me, argue with me, or you can even agree with me.