My name is Agnes.  I’m sometimes in random places around the world, but currently I am in Cambridge, MA, obtaining a MBA at MIT Sloan.  Previously this year, I was in Mérida, MX, interning for a clean-tech startup and in New Delhi, India, studying renewable energy engineering at TERI, founded by Dr. Pachauri, head of IPCC & sometimes fiction writer.  And the year before, I was in South America, learning Spanish, interning for Innovations for Poverty Action, an economics outfit that uses randomized control trials (yes, exactly what they use to test medicinal drugs) to test poverty solutions, and working for SGAB, a Bolivian non-profit researching waste-management solutions.

Coming from a private sector background, I’m still trying to reconcile my mind around the practices of NGOs and non-profits in development and I’m definitely still trying to figure out how to speak Spanish.  These are my thoughts, mostly deliberately opinionated, my struggles, and my observations.  I have a tendency to generalize, so please please interrupt whereever you see fit.


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