Recycling your Wine and Yogurt Bottles

5 Jun

I’m so excited that I’ve finally found a way to recycle in Bolivia.  For the longest time, after many attempts of recycling in blue/yellow/green public bins only to find them full of candy wrappers and trash, I thought it couldn’t be done.  It was confusing b/c in Bolivia, as in other countries, you do get money for plastic & glass bottles, but there aren’t many bottle-collectors (as there are in the U.S.) and there’s litter everywhere.

As I was walking to buy a tucumano (yummy fried little fritter stuffed with chicken, potatoes, and meat), I bumped into a recycling fair, held randomly in San Pedro plaza, across from the prison.  There were people collecting batteries, glass bottles (30 centavos return), plastics, paper, etc.  Also a children’s organization which made toys out of plastic bottles.  And randomly, a group salsa lesson, sponsored by BancoSol.

Salsa Lesson at the park sponsored by BancoSol

Apparently, the government also comes around to collect your recyclables and you can call them to pick up your recyclables too.

The toll-free number is:  800-16-1777 SIREMU.   They collect:  paper, cardboard, plastic & glass bottles, and aluminum cans.

This means that I can finally recycle all the yogurt and wine bottles I’ve been gobbling up!

Addendum:  Today, a couple of weeks after I wrote this post and accumulated recycling, I actually called the number.  They said they would send somebody out, but nobody ever came.  :-(.

Delicious drinkable yogurt in a variety of flavors. 10B, Wine is 15B. That's right, there's only a 5b (65cents) difference b/w yogurt and wine.

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